Water Leak Causes & Origins

Plumbing leaks are the most common cause of a leak problem, but leaks can originate in many places, including roofs, windows, behind walls, and more. Leaks can be caused by faulty installation, movement in the earth, tree roots, and more. Unfortunately, active leaks can cause significant water damage and other property damage that can be costly to repair.

Leak Detection of Tennessee uses noninvasive methods and cutting-edge technology to identify the source of leaks before they become a bigger problem. Once we find the cause of your leak, we will report directly to the property owner and the plumber and provide all the necessary documentation.

In the event you need to file an insurance claim, we are also accustomed to providing cause and origin reports to insurance companies. This is particularly helpful to commercial and municipal property owners who have insurance to protect their buildings against water damage.


Plumbers specialize in repairing leaks, not finding leaks. Guesswork often leads to unnecessary destruction. Don’t take any chances. Let us find your leak and let your plumber fix it!


Water Leak Sources

While some water leaks can be easily identified, like a dripping tap or a leaking toilet line, others are not so obvious. In fact, the most nagging and costly leaks are usually undetectable without the specialized expertise provided by a leak detection company like Leak Detection of Tennessee.

A leak that originates under the slab of a home or some other hidden area can cause serious damage. This is why it is important to understand the many sources of leaks and to recognize the symptoms that suggest you might have a leak that needs to be repaired.

In some cases, water leaks and gas leaks can be easily seen and repaired by a plumber. Examples include a water leak inside a basement or crawl space or a gas leak in the gas line on a stove. In other cases, water leaks and gas leaks can be hidden and require the use of specialized equipment to identify the source of the leak prior to repair. These areas include:

  • Underground, in the water supply line between the meter and your home
  • Under the slab of your home, in the hot or cold water plumbing line
  • Inside the walls and/or floors of your home
  • Inside custom plumbing systems designed to heat floors, melt snow, and more

Signs You Might Have a Water Leak

Aside from the obvious leaks that can be identified easily, like a dripping faucet, there are many other leaks that cannot be detected without the use of specialty equipment. If not detected and repaired, water leaks and gas leaks can cause significant damage to property and even result in health issues.

If you think that you might have a water leak or gas leak, it’s important that you recognize the symptoms before it turns into a costly problem. Some of the most common signs include:

  • The sound of dripping or running water, especially when the water is off
  • Warm spots on slabs
  • Wet spots or noticeable cracks in your walls or floors
  • Continuous wet spots in the yard
  • The appearance and/or smell of mildew on a surface or wall
  • A sudden spike in your water or gas bill
  • A change in your water or gas meter reading when no water or gas is being used
  • A water pump running when no water is being used

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