Water Leak Detection Specialists

Leak Detection of Tennessee offers water leak detection services for residential, commercial, and municipal locations. Whereas leaks in basements or crawl space can be easily identified by plumbers when the pipes are exposed, water leaks that are underground, under a concrete slab, or inside walls or floors, are more easily found using specialized equipment.

Leak Detection of Tennessee utilizes sonar/microphone systems, closed hydrogen testing, and infrared testing to identify the source of the toughest to find leaks. We work with general contractors, plumbers, homeowners associations, insurance companies, and homeowners to pinpoint the source of leaks in the following areas:

  • Concrete Slab Leaks
  • Irrigation System Leaks
  • Leaks between Floors and Walls
  • Underground Leaks

Once we have identified the source of the leak, we then report back to the property owner and the plumber so that they can begin the process of repair.


Slab Leaks

For several decades, water lines have been distributed under concrete slabs without the protection of a plastic sleeve or insulated cover. Every time water is turned on or off, the system is shocked and the entire water line moves. If the water lines are buried adjacent to shells, rocks, rebar or anything hard, this constant rubbing can wear a hole in the water line and cause a leak.

If not repaired, slab leaks can unbalance the foundation and cause fractures, resulting in structural damage that can be very costly to homeowners.

Irrigation System Leaks

Irrigation systems are used in both residential and commercial properties to keep yards and gardens looking beautiful year round. Whereas many plumbing systems are buried underground, irrigation systems are often above ground and are therefore subject to wear and tear from the weather, lawnmowers, and more. Irrigation system leaks resulting from breaks in lines are common but are not always easy to find.

Here are some signs that you might have an irrigation system leak:

  • Your water bill is too high or has suddenly spiked
  • Your lawn is dry or dying
  • You have areas in your lawn that are wet or soggy
  • You can see water dripping or spraying from your control valve.

At Leak Detection of Tennessee, we will do whatever is required to identify the source of irrigation systems leaks and recommend repair.


Leak Detection of Tennessee uses state-of-the-art sub-surface acoustic listening, correlation, and tracer gas devices to discover hard-to-find leaks.


Signs and Symptoms of Underground Water Leaks

Do you think that you might have a water leak or gas leak? it’s important that you recognize the symptoms before it turns into a costly problem. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Warm spots on slabs
  • Wet spots or noticeable cracks in your walls or floors
  • Continuous wet spots in the yard
  • The appearance and/or smell of mildew on a surface or wall
  • A sudden spike in your water or gas bill
  • A change in your water or gas meter reading when no water or gas is being used
  • A water pump running when no water is being used

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